hello! my name is cassandra (although most people call me cassie) and i am a freelance photographer, an artist (i handletter and design graphically!), an aspiring writer, a vegetarian, an optimist, and an empowered female in the milwaukee area!

i’ve chosen to take any experiences that have challenged me throughout my life and channel any negative feelings about them into things i love — like photography and art. i strive to spread happiness and support for anyone who is going through something, or just having a bad day!

more about me?


bunnies are my absolute favorite animal (and have been since as far back as i can remember).

sometimes i wish i’d lived at the time of frank sinatra — the music back then was absolutely wonderful!

i love nature! during my free time, you can find me outdoors reading, writing, taking photos (of course), and just enjoying the sunshine.

that’s all i can think of for now, but i hope you enjoy my photos! and i look forward to being in touch about possible photo sessions with you!

be back soon!
cassie dondlinger